Cooper® Sharp Baby Bella and Horseradish Grilled Cheese

Melt Melt MELT Slice Slice SLICE 2 2 SERVES: 2
Prep Time: 10 MIN
Cook Time: 10 MIN
Total Time: 20 MIN
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According to the Mushroom Council, baby bella is another name for the mushroom officially known as a crimini. That’s interesting, yes. But the really interesting thing here is that THERE’S AN ACTUAL MUSHROOM COUNCIL!! The awesomeness of this fact simply cannot be overstated. You know what else can’t be overstated? The awesomeness of this sandwich. It’s all the goodness of a melty Cooper® grilled cheese, plus the flavor explosion of horseradish, kale, roasted red pepper and those tasty baby bellas. Yum. But also … Mushroom Council!


4 slices 1/4-inch thick sesame Italian bread
4-8 slices Cooper® Sharp White cheese
2 tsp creamy style horseradish spread
1/2 cup melted butter
1 cup washed and sliced baby bella mushrooms
1 cup kale, washed and chopped
1/3 cup fresh red peppers or canned roasted red peppers, sliced


In a frying pan, melt a tablespoon of butter and sauté kale until soft. Set aside.

While pan is hot, add sliced baby bella mushrooms. If using fresh red peppers, add to the pan with the mushrooms. Sauté until soft. Set aside.

Use a pastry brush to butter one side of each slice of bread.

On the flip side of 2 slices of bread, portion horseradish and spread evenly.

Assemble each sandwich:
Lay one slice of bread butter side down, then top with 1-2 slices of Cooper® cheese. To each sandwich, add half the sautéed mushrooms, kale, and red peppers, then top with another 1-2 slices of Cooper® cheese. Place second slice of bread on top, butter side up.

Place sandwiches on a preheated griddle or frying pan. Grill until bread is golden brown, then carefully flip. Grill the other side of the sandwiches until golden brown and cheese is melted.

Remove from heat, serve, and enjoy!