Cooper Cheese Lebanon Bologna Sandwich

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Around the late 1700s, Pennsylvania Dutch began producing what we now know as Lebanon bologna. It was a pre-refrigeration way to preserve their beef, drawing from old-world techniques for curing and smoking meats. Today it’s not just a regional favorite—for anyone from the Lebanon area, it’s the tangy, sweet or savory taste of home. That’s probably why it goes so wonderfully with Cooper Cheese, which has itself been a tradition in these parts since 1893. Together they make this Cooper Cheese Lebanon Bologna Sandwich, a powerhouse of nostalgic goodness.


2 slices of marbled rye bread
green leaf lettuce
2 slices tomato
red onion slivers
5 slices Lebanon bologna
3 slices Cooper Sharp White, Yellow or Black Pepper cheese
brown mustard


Prepare the sauce for your sandwich by combining brown mustard, mayo and some horseradish to taste.

On a flat surface, lay out 1 slice of bread. Add a layer of green leaf lettuce, then tomato and red onion. Fold each slice of Lebanon bologna and lay onto the sandwich. Add 3 slices of Cooper Cheese. Spread mustard sauce onto 1 side of the remaining bread slice, cap the sandwich and enjoy!