Cooper Cheese Black Pepper BLT

Slice Slice SLICE 1 1 SERVES: 1
3/5 (1 Review)
Bacon is delicious. BLTs are delicious. Cooper Sharp Black Pepper cheese is delicious — maybe most delicious of all. So, when you put all those things together on a single plate, you get a bacon, lettuce, tomato and Cooper Cheese sandwich that quite possibly defies the laws of deliciousness themselves. Aka, it’s really, really good.


bacon (2-3 slices per sandwich)
sliced bread
Cooper Sharp Black Pepper cheese (1-2 thin slices per sandwich)
tomato, sliced


In a medium skillet, cook bacon until crisp.

Toast bread, if desired.

Spread mayonnaise on bread. Top with lettuce, a slice or two of Cooper Sharp Black Pepper cheese, tomato, bacon and remaining slice of bread. Enjoy!